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I am a black and white portrait artist living and working in Toronto. I specialize in portraiture for newborns, children, babies and maternity. I am also mom to two small boys, my muses.

Thinking back to my first recollections of having my photograph taken, I recall a photographer, camera in hand, asking me to smile and “say cheese”. While these contrived images have their place, I much prefer to capture the real moments in the life of your child – the ones where something silly sparks squeals of laughter, where new discoveries bring about a sense of wonderment or where an expression of absolute trust and serenity reaches the face of a child secure in the arms of their loved ones.

These brief and fleeting moments speak to who your child genuinely is, and capture his or her uniqueness in a way that posed photographs simply cannot. These genuine moments, captured with my lens, are preserved forever, and allowed to live on in the images that I create, providing the opportunity for them to bring a smile to someone’s face, and warm their hearts for many years to come.

My style of photography is black and white photography, casual and un-posed. I believe that the best images are captured when people are being themselves and unaware of the camera. Looking back across your own personal photographs, you might find that the images you enjoy most of yourself are those that were taken when you were at your most relaxed, unaware that an image was being recorded. These are the moments I capture – the moments I preserve…you as you really are.

A formal academic background in psychology and psychotherapy endows me with the ability to truly listen and understand the needs of my clients, and to bring a great deal of patience, compassion and warmth to the families with whom I work. It also creates in me the desire to make a personal connection with my clients, to forge an ongoing relationship with those who commission me to preserve their memories - a relationship that transcends the images that we capture together.

This personal rapport that I establish with my clients paves the way for an exceptional level of customer service, individually tailored sessions, and the peace of mind in knowing that your photographer cares as much about the process of capturing your family’s memories as you do.

It is both an honor and a privilege to capture forever the memories and moments that weave the fabric of my client’s lives. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I look forward to exceeding your expectations…because you should expect the very best.


Let's see! OK though..I do have a small life outside of the work that I do. I enjoy movies, fine dining, fine wines, spa visits (hmmm do I like indulgence or what?) travel and listening to music (usually while I work at my desk or in the car)